6 Questions for How To Dress Well

Originally published on VMagazine.com October 14, 2010.

How To Dress Well, the mysterious moniker of a musician named Tom Krell, began to release his home recordings free on the internet at the end of last year. Over the past several months, the Brooklyn-via-Cologne artist has swelled up something of a rabid following of point-and-click digital takers, due in no small part to his highly original, reverb-drenched bedroom tracks. How To Dress Well’s sound could be construed as ghostly r&b ballads filtrated through home-spun software: a MySpace poltergeist of sorrow, rhythm, and feeling. If it sounds a bit bizarre, that’s because it is. The artist self-released his debut record early this year, a fetish-friendly five-track collection entitled Can’t See My Own Face – The Eternal Love 2. This month saw the first official HTDW release, the much anticipated Love Remains on Lefse Records. On the verge of this week’s CMJ festival, Tom is preparing to play his most high-profile gigs yet, one of which is the sold-out and much gossiped-about Salem show at Ramiken Crucible (Marina Abramovic and Michael Stipe have already scooped up passes). No pressure! V decided to ask the emerging talent some introductory questions.

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