Teengirl Fantasy

The Last Magazine, Spring 2010.

Teengirl Fantasy might be thought of less as a fantasy about teen girls and more of what a teenage girl’s deepest fantasies might sound like. Comprised of Oberlin College friends Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi (both male), this L.A.-meets-New-Jersey-in-Ohio-and-sometimes-Amsterdam duo has constructed a sound that is nearly impossible to categorize. Part 4/4 rhythm electronic house, part swirling melodic shoegaze, and part booty techno, their lengthy tracks are oftentimes sped up and slowed down in blissed-out simultaneity. When asked which word they would invent to make up their own genre tag, Takahashi decidedly states: “sleephouse” without even pausing to think. Their ability to get crowds going, even in Brooklyn, has resulted in a few heated situations. “Once, in Baltimore, a couple was having actual sex on top of the table with our gear on it,” recalls Weiss. “I had to actually push against the guy’s back to keep them off of me. He was all sweaty. It was really gross.”

Teengirl Fantasy’s debut full-length is out now on True Panther US/Merok UK. Photography by Marco Roso.

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