Liza Thorn Is A Menace

Anthem Magazine, Summer 2009

Liza Thorn is a total menace. She can scream like a velociraptor, hypnotize you like a cobra, steal your heart like Anna Nicole, or she might eat you alive like JAWS. Whatever the case, she’s coming on as a new grunge icon like a blonde bat out of hell (the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the fuck-you attitude of Jennifer Herrema and Kat Bjelland inspired teenage girls to get grounded by their parents in the ’90s). After burning a hole through San Francisco’s early 00’s music scene with her incendiary noise band So So Many White White Tigers, she took up with guitarist Will Ivy and teen-dream drummer Abe Pedroza to form Bridez. Her music is a rip-roaring rampage of California angst, sun-stricken stoner anthems and his’n’her scream-offs. Her style: a severe mix of bleach bottles, black lace, sequins, and legs Mariah Carey might kill for. Talking to Liza is sort of like going on spring break for ten minutes over the phone. Here’s what music and fashion’s next she-devil had to say about the state of the world.

PATRIK SANDBERG: Who were the 5 coolest bitches in rock ‘n’ roll before you showed up?
LIZA THORN: Brian Jones, Jennifer Herrema, Bobby Gillespie, JIM REID, Genesis P-Orridge.

PS: Are you trying to tell them something?
LT: They ask me where to get weed in the morning and I make a call.

PS: Was your voice always that loud?
LT: You can always turn it up.

PS: What’s your favorite song of the summer?
LT: “Cheap Wine Time” by RTX and “Indian Summer” by Spectrum.

PS: You’ve got an evil road… but where does it lead?
LT: To the mall.

PS: Describe the music of Bridez in 3 words.
LT: Loud/Tropical/Contagious.

PS: Now describe it in four letters.
LT: Fuck.

PS: What’s so cool about dating musicians?
LT: Absolutely nothing.

PS: What’s NOT so cool about dating musicians?
LT: They steal your ideas. And your clothes.

PS: Why are musicians so obsessed with fashion now?
LT: ‘Cuz they’re a bunch of cunts and it’s FUN.

PS: If you were a bride, what would you wear on your wedding day?
LT: A hit of acid and a huge kite.

PS: Circle one: Sex. Drugs. Violence.
LT: “sexyviolentdrugs”

PS: What can’t you live without?
LT: Eyedrops, orange lipstick, BLEACH EVERYTHING.

PS: Give us your prediction for 2012.