Karel Funk

The Last Magazine, Spring 2010.

Karel Funk’s photorealistic portraits feature masculine subjects obscured by an assortment of outerwear: Gore-Tex hooded jackets, down-filled puffer coats, and classic windbreakers are de rigueur. Contrasting with stark white backgrounds, the pieces are an exercise in creative expression through clothing—or, in this case, creative expression through paintings of clothing. Funk’s palette echoes the environmental landscape missing from the adjacent negative space, and the garments themselves reverberate the theme of nature and man’s place within it in painstaking detail that attracts the viewer even as the subjects turn away. The result is a transfixing meditation on polarity, or at the very least, an austere and vibrant celebration of winter-wear.

“Karel Funk” runs April 3-May 1, 2010 at 303 Gallery, NYC.

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